LandTrip Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot Review – 800 Lb

In this LandTrip Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot review you can read about the cot with the biggest declared capacity on the market, no less than 800 lb (363 kg), and yet its price is only $60.

LandTrip Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot
LandTrip Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot.

Key features & benefits

  • Incredible capacity.
  • Very affordable cot.
  • Instant setup.
  • Headrest design.
  • Storage pocket.

Take a closer look.

What type cot is this

The LandTrip cot is in the group of fully folding cots and it is with an instant setup, so just spread it like an umbrella and it is ready.

This is also a cot with the greatest declared capacity reviewed so far in this site. They claim it is able to support up to 800 lb (363 kg), so taking this as a fact there is no other cot on the market that can match it. Naturally, I have included it in my list of cots for heavy people.

Yet another distinctive feature (though not unique) is its 18-degree headrest tilt. So with such a design, you might manage without a pillow.

Who is it for

They describe it as “extra long and extra wide”, but the reality is it is quite a normal size, and in fact quite narrow. So you have 74.8 x 26.4 inches (190 x 67 cm). If you want to see really long cots check this list, they all are longer than 210 cm. On the other hand, if you want an extra wide cot, check some of these; some of them are 102 cm wide.

The cot collapses from all four sides towards the center.
The cot collapses from all four sides towards the center.
This is the cot when fully collapsed.
Fully collapsed cot.

As I said, the LandTrip Cot is a typical length cot, though the good side of its design is that it is without end bars. This implies that its 74.8 inches (190 cm) of the length is indeed the true useful length, so you will not have any pressure spots on your legs or feet. But it is not for very tall people, bear this in mind.

I already mentioned its capacity, so if you are a particularly heavy person, this is currently the greatest capacity. Nevertheless, check also my list with cots for very heavy people, all with the capacity above 400 lb (181 kg).

So all in all, this is a tool for campers and for any other outdoor activity as long as you do not have to carry it yourself. The packed size is such that one dimension is a bit long so you can only transport it in the car, it is too long for a motorbike.

It is a good spare bed at home for sudden guests, or a tool to keep at work and to take a rest when needed. Its carry bag is such that it will remain clean from dust wherever you put it.

Materials & construction

They use 26 pieces of steel tubes that create X-shape and triangle structures, and it is with no less than 10 feet. You also have some straps for extra lateral stability, so the structure is really stable and strong.

But the frame alone is not enough, so they have also used a very strong fabric. You have a breathable 1200D double layer oxford. There are no many cots with such a fabric.

Using this cot in a tent

The feet of this cot are with plastic caps so this is a floor-friendly design, and if you use it in a tent there should be no issues. Note also that the weight is distributed on 10 spots.

The cot is quite high, you have 17.7 inches (45 cm) of clearance. This is a huge space to store some camping stuff. It will fit in any larger family camping tent, see many of them here. In the case of smaller tents, the best option is some cabin-style tent because it fits nicely against such tall and straightened walls. Check for example this Eureka Desert Canyon 4 tent or this Kelty Sequoia 4 tent. They can accommodate two of such cots easily.

My rating

This is a very affordable cot, please see how I rate it:

My rating breakdown of the LandTrip cot
  • Weight - 7.4/10
  • Size - 8.3/10
  • Capacity - 9.9/10
  • Packed size - 8.1/10
  • Ease of use & features - 9.9/10


My overall rating of this cot is Excellent:


  • Huge capacity.
  • Quality materials.
  • Very good price.
  • Extra easy setup.


  • Not for very tall people.
  • A bit narrow.
User Review
8.31/10 (37 votes)


  • Type: collapsible cot.
  • Weight: 17 lb (7.7 kg).
  • Capacity: 800 lb (363 kg).
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 74.8 x 26.4 x 17.7 in (190 x 67 x 45 cm).
  • Packed size: 40.9 x 7.9 x 5.9 in (104 x 20 x 15 cm).
  • Frame: steel.
  • Fabric: 1200D polyester.

The LandTrip Cot vs Competitors

I thought it would be useful to see this LandTrip Cot side by side with some other cots built in a similar style. So here are a few, you will notice that they are very similar in size and they all have the headrest design. But the difference in the capacity is huge. Please follow the links to see more.

Weight, lb (kg)

Bed size, in (cm)

Packed size, in (cm)

Capacity, lb (kg)



17 (7.7)

74.8 x 26.4
(190 x 67)

40.9 x 7.9 x 5.9
(104 x 20 x 15)

800 (363)


KingCamp Cot

15.9 (7.2)

74.8 x 26.8 
(190 x 68)

41.3 x 9.1 x 6.7 (105 x 23 x 17)

220 (100)


Osage River Cot

13 (5.9)

74.8 x 28
(190 x 71)

40 x 8 x 5
(102 x 20 x 13)

320 (145)



Final thoughts

As you see, this LandTrip Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot is quite typical in many ways except for its capacity where it is without a match. Its headrest is also a very useful feature, though there are many cots here in the site with such a design. In view of all its features, its price really looks like a bargain.

Check the price.

This site is all about cots, so if you need something different please look around and I am sure you will find something for you. See perhaps this Slumberjack Low cot which fits in practically every tent. If you want a military-style cot, check this Texport Deluxe Cot with an adjustable bed deck.

In the case of questions or comments, please use the comment box below. Have a nice day.  

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  1. Fred Feisullin says:

    Could not find this LANDTRIP COT on Amazon, Where else is it available please?

    1. Hi, I have checked on several Amazon stores worldwide and could not see it. It may be temporary but I am not sure at this moment. There are several cots here in the site with the same or very similar design. This Araer cot is one great example with a great capacity and the same design.

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