Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot Review (For Full Outdoor Comfort)

This Kamp Rite double tent cot review is about a two-person tent cot for camping, or for emergency situations at home or anywhere else. It offers an off-ground comfort and full protection from elements.

Kamp-Rite Double Tent-Cot.
Kamp-Rite Double Tent-Cot.

Benefits of using this tent cot

  • Complete protection from elements.
  • Full comfort for one or two people.
  • Simple and easy setup.
  • Sturdy and reliable tool.


Kamp-Rite double tent cot offers sleeping comfort for two grown-up people. It is constructed in such a way that you are 11 inches (28 cm) above the ground, safe from insects and water. Staying off the ground is very important for insulation and dampness.

This is a sturdy aluminum frame construction, exceptionally easy to set up as you will be able to see in the two videos below. As you realize from the picture above, you have two doors and two windows and all of them are with a mesh to protect you from insects.

Double tent cot used as a lounge chair.
Double tent cot used as a lounge chair.

The construction of this tool is such that it can easily be converted into a lounge chair (see the picture below) which you will surely use during the day.

Yet another option is to use it just as a cot within a standard big camping tent in case you need it so. The setup is easy, and the roof is supported by two poles which make an X-shaped structure above your head.

The package includes a waterproof rain fly which completely covers the tent and the cot, see the picture below.

The tent is with two doors on the two longer sides, a really convenient feature. The other two sides contain huge windows, you will be able to see this in the video below. So ventilation in this tent cot should never be an issue.

The tent

The tent is of a proper size for two people. From the specifications below you will see that its dimensions are 213 x 135 x 102 cm. You can compare this with some truly great 2-person tents available on the market like Nemo Galaxy 2P with the size 229 x 137 x 102 cm, or Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 with 218 x 132 x 97 cm.

But you will notice also that the two longer walls of this tent are practically vertical, which makes a lot of space in the shoulders height. With standard ground tents this is not always so. So this tent is truly roomy.

How to set up this Kamp Rite double cot tent

These two guys have missed fixing the legs properly but who cares, they definitely do not, see their two happy faces in the end:

See how this should be done correctly:

The price, rating, pros & cons

This tent cot is on the Amazon-US market with the price shown below. This is a great price when you compare it with some of its top competitors. Please see how I rate this tent cot against my standard set of criteria:

My rating breakdown of the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot
  • Weight - 6.2/10
  • Bed size - 8.7/10
  • Capacity - 7/10
  • Packed size - 3/10
  • Ease of use & features - 9.5/10

Overall rating

Based on the specific rating criteria, the overall rating is:


  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Complete protection of elements.
  • Comfortable sleeping.
  • Versatile.


  • Heavy.
User Review
8.2/10 (96 votes)


    • Weight: 51 lbs (23.13 kg).
    • Ship weight: 56 lbs (25.4 kg).
    • Size of the bed (W x L): 53 x 84 in (135 x 213 cm).
    • Tent size (W x L x H): 53 x 84 x 40 in (135 x 213 x 102 cm).
    • Folded size of the complete set (W x L x H): 56 x 34 x 8 in (142 x 86 x 20 cm).
    • Powder-coated aluminum frame.
    • Weight recommendation: up to 500 lbs (227 kg).
    • Included:
      – Heavy-duty 600 D carry bag [CB301].
      – Fitted waterproof rain fly [RF302].
    • Heavy-duty 190T Nylon.
    • Easy setup.
    • Corrosion-resistant setups.
    • Interior storage pouches.
    • Quality clips and buckles.
    • Converts to a lounge chair or cot.
    • No-See-Um mesh on all windows and doors.

Comparison with other double tent-cots

See how KR Double compares with some other models presented in the site:

lb (kg)

Bed size,
in (cm)

lb (kg)

Packed size,
in (cm)

Kamp Rite Double 

51 (23)

84 x 53 
(213 x 135

500 (227)

56 x 34 x 8 
(142 x 86 x 20)

Kamp Rite Compact Double

42 (19.5)

85 x 55 
(216 x 140

500 (227)

45 x 12 x 12
(104 x 31 x 31)

Winterial Oversize

44 (20)

85 x 55 
(216 x 140

500 (227)

48 x 34 x 8
(123 x 85 x 20)


About Kamp-Rite company

Kamp-Rite is a company founded in 1999, and nowadays they are a true global leader in off-the-ground tents and camping gear. They became world famous with their Original Tent Cot, and since then they have produced more than 35 new products that have been sold globally.

The products of Kamp-Rite are known for quality, convenience, functionality, and comfort. In this site, you will see many of their products, all of them very user-friendly and innovative.


To conclude this Kamp Rite double tent cot review, what you see here is one of the great products of this company. It offers enough space for two people, and if used for a solo purpose, then you have really a lot of space for you and to store the gear inside the tent.

To put things into perspective, at the moment of writing this text, the prices of the mentioned standard ground tents are $250 and $320. So in comparison with this, the present price of the Kamp Rite Double tent cot is a true bargain.

Do you need something smaller, for one person only? See this compact and collapsible tent cot with 3-in-1 features.

Thank you for reading. It will be great to hear from you, there is a comment box below. Have a nice day and pleasant camping.

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20 thoughts on “Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot Review (For Full Outdoor Comfort)”

  1. warren mackedie says:

    Hi I am looking for a camp cot double, I only need the base. I have a double swag I would like put on the cot base, can you help please, thanks.

    1. Hi, this Kamp Rite Double tent-cot is among the best on the market. But you can also check my separate text with double tent-cots.

      But if you are looking for double cots, please check this text. You will see some with air-mattress but some are just off-ground platforms, I assume this is what you need.

      I am not sure what the meaning is of ‘double swag’.

  2. Thank you for not only doing the research to find this info, but putting it all together for our benefit. I have only one question: Is the Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot a 4 season sleeper? Or, are any of the double offerings you have shown us a 4-season (cold/harsh weather) tent-cot?

    1. Thank you Tony for the kind words. To answer your question, all of them are such that you can put them in the snow and sleep. However, you will notice that these double tent-cots are usually without guylines so it is better to use them in quiet weather conditions without much wind, definitely within the tree line. The Ozark Trail double tent cot has guylines so it can be staked down properly, but the waterproofness of this item is questionable.

      On the other hand, the roof in most of them is with fiberglass poles or it is flat, the latter is definitely not for heavy snow accumulation.

      1. I’ve owned my original for going on five seasons now and have camped in Aspen at the beginning of winter. I was fine, although condensation had the zippers freeze just a bit before morning sunshine warmed them up!

  3. Gary Thomas says:

    Hello, I’m thinking about buying one of these, but that center bar worries me. Is it in the way? The whole point of a double is to be able to sleep close to my wife, but that bar looks like you could not do that?

    1. Hi Gary, yes the bar is there in the middle. The only way to deal with it would be to use a thick sleeping pad. The alternative is this Winterial Double Tent Cot, it is without the center bar.

      1. I use my thermarest blow up pad and it’s not an issue 🙂

  4. That’s really a good tent, for a long time ago i used to camp on the beach and it’s wonderful. I bring my tent but the legs were bouncy and the material was so thin. I think maybe i’m gonna look for that tent for my next camp trip. Anyway thank’s for sharing that cool tent.

    1. Thank you Wim, you are right, this double model form Kamp Rite is one of the best in this site. Very stable construction and an easy setup. Many thanks, all the best to you.

  5. When I go camping, I normally use a 4 or 6 man tent, because i sometimes find that the 2 man tent is a bit cramped for 2 people, normally myself and my son, who uses the whole floor space when he sleeps! But a great review!

    1. Hi George, you are right, the 2-person tent is almost always small for 2 people. But this Kamp Rite Double tent cot one is in fact larger than most of 2-person tents. It is ideal for solo use of course.

      1. I use it for me and my two standard poodles (about 60# each) and it’s ideal!

  6. Alan O'Neill says:

    I like how it is so quick to set up and that it is off the ground. Very important for rainy days or nights. Is the base or floor solid? Thank you for highlighting all the benefits.

    1. Hi Alan, the cot is with a strong fabric, so it is very pleasant, you can manage even without a sleeping pad if it is not cold.

  7. Traditionally “2 person” tents don’t accommodate 2 people very well, unless you are children or you really like sleeping squashed up against the other person. But this one looks like it would actually fit two people! (Right?) But it doesn’t look like it you would be able to put any gear inside with 2 people, correct?

    1. Hi Jeanine, great to hear from you. You are right, and you clearly have experience with tents, yes those for two people are always too narrow. In fact I am using one double tent for myself alone when I do not have to carry it too far.

      With Kamp Rite Double this is indeed different, you have 135 centimeters of width and in addition you have vertical side walls unlike most of traditional tents, so this is truly a big space in the floor area and in the shoulder area. As for the gear inside, it is 213 cm long so some things can be put, and you have some lofts for stuff. But you can put gear under the tent cot, and Kamp Rite sells special storage bags to attach under the cot, to store things. You can see one in this post.

      1. plus, if you have water tight bags for your gear, you can put them on the cot tent legs and they act to stabilize in case of wind.

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