What Are Alternative Uses for Camping Cots Besides Camping?

What Are Alternative Uses for Camping Cots Besides Camping featured picture.

Cots are normally associated with camping trips and outdoor adventures, but they offer a surprising range of versatility beyond their primary purpose. 

Camping cots are portable sleeping platforms that can be transformed into useful furnishings for various indoor and outdoor situations, extending their value beyond the campsite.

This holds in particular for the so-called reclining cots. Many of them are presented in detail here in the site. They allow for multiple backrest positions and you can use them as lounge chairs.  

If you follow the links, you will notice that many of them are with a pleasant padding, and some come with additional pillow included. There are examples of such cots that even have a sunshade.

Now, in view of such features, it is not surprising that they can be used for a variety activities and situations described below. 

Indoor Applications

Guest Accommodations

 Tent cots serve as convenient sleeping arrangements for unexpected guests or family members staying over. They provide a comfortable alternative to air mattresses or sleeping bags, offering a raised surface for easy in and out.

As mentioned some are padded, and some come with an integrated mat so you do not need anything extra for comfort. Here is one great example, the Coleman Twin Cot

Coleman Airbed Cot Twin.
Coleman Airbed Cot Twin.

Temporary Beds

Tent cots are ideal for temporary sleeping arrangements during renovations, moving, or home staging.

They offer a quick and easy solution to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements without the need for bulky furniture.

You can keep such a cot in the office as well for naps during long work hours.

Kid’s Play Area

Tent cots can be transformed into fun and engaging play areas for children. Decorate the cot with blankets, pillows, and toys to create a cozy fort or a reading nook, fostering creativity and imagination.

I would point out in particular the so-called tent-cots (or cot-tents) that have an integrated canopy. So you do not have to use the fly for such a purpose. The OZTENT Bunker Pro in the picture below is one of such options, but you can find more in the category Tent-cots for one person.

OZTENT Bunker Pro.
OZTENT Bunker Pro.

Elevated Relaxation

Tent cots can be used to create a relaxing retreat indoors. Elevate the cot near a window, add comfy pillows and blankets, and enjoy a peaceful reading spot or a tranquil nap.

The Cabela’s Lounge Cot is a great option for such situations, it is padded and with an adjustable backrest:

Cabelas Lounge Cot
Cabelas Lounge Cot.

Outdoor Applications

Picnics and Gatherings

Tent cots provide comfortable seating or lounging options for outdoor picnics, backyard gatherings, or poolside relaxation.

They offer a raised surface, keeping you off the ground and away from insects.

Sporting Events

Tent cots can be used as makeshift bleachers or seating arrangements at outdoor sporting events. They provide a comfortable vantage point to enjoy the game.


Tent cots offer a comfortable platform for stargazing activities. Elevate yourself above the ground, spread out a blanket, and enjoy the celestial spectacle.

Backyard Movies

Tent cots can be used as seating for outdoor movie nights in the backyard. Set up a projector, arrange the cots in front, and enjoy a cozy cinematic experience under the stars.

For all the activities mentioned in this section, it is best to go for some of reclining cots. The Coleman Converta Camping Cot is a very affordable option:

Coleman Converta Camping Cot.
Coleman Converta Camping Cot.

But if you are ready to pay more and want more comfort, this REI Kingdom Cot 3 is something to consider.

REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3
REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the versatility of camping cots extends far beyond outdoor excursions, as highlighted in this exploration.

From providing convenient guest accommodations and temporary beds during renovations to transforming into engaging play areas for children, these cots prove invaluable in various indoor applications.

Reclining cots in particular, with their adaptable features, serve as more than just portable sleeping platforms.

Additionally, their utility extends outdoors, offering comfortable seating for picnics, gatherings, and sporting events, as well as an elevated platform for stargazing or creating cozy setups for backyard movies.

The practicality and comfort of these cots, exemplified by options like the Coleman Converta Camping Cot, make them a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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