Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table (Kitchen Station with Storage)

Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table is an easy to use kitchen station with a very functional storage organizer with multiple shelves and pockets.

Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table.
Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table.

Key features & benefits

  • Folding design.
  • Very easy to use.
  • No assembly.
  • Storage elements.
  • Carry bag.

Where to buy

This Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table is available on Amazon. Please follow the link and check the shipping conditions for your location.

What type of a camping table is this

As pointed out above, here you have a fully folding construction so the whole structure collapses in itself and then it folds into a nice box with solid walls on both sides.

This means that there is no particular assembly except for a few steps. It opens up and folds away in seconds requiring no tools. To fold it, slide the shelves and stack them on the bottom of the storage element, and after that just press the red release buttons on the legs, one is shown in the picture.

The quick release button.
The quick-release button.

After that the table will collapse due to its own weight and you close it and then store in its carry bag, these steps are shown below. So this is a great design and I have included it in my list of best folding camping tables.

The folding steps.
The folding steps.

The carry bag shown above is with handles so you can carry the table around, but above all this is how you can keep it clean from dust when stored for a longer period at home.

There are locking elements on both sides of the tabletop, see the picture below which shows two of them. So these are hooks that you attach to the pins that are on the bottom table. The picture shows also the handle which is on the tabletop.

Locking hooks on the side and the carry handle.
Locking hooks on the side and the carry handle.

Note that they have yet another folding camping table, but this is a completely different design.

Storage elements

This table comes with plenty of storage features, the main part is behind the zippered door and you have three levels of shelves inside. The bottom level is similar to the tabletop, and you have two additional removable solid shelves. Note that they are at pre-defined levels and you have three storage areas inside with the same height.

The top picture above shows one set of pockets and storage features on one side. You have the same on the other side as well, see the picture below. So this is lots of storage options to keep things off the ground and to stay organized in the camp. This is why I have included this table in my list of best tables with storage elements.

Storage elements are on both sides.
Storage elements are on both sides.

The tabletop is a hard material MDF, easy to clean and maintain. The frame is a durable aluminum construction. Note that the bottom is almost the same as the tabletop, with some low feet.

The cabinet fabric is a durable polyester, see the picture below with the side storage elements. On the back, there is a mesh for air circulation (visible in the picture above).

Side storage pockets.
Side storage pockets.

Who is it for

Weight-wise, with its 17.6 lb (8 kg) this is not a table to carry long distances. But the weight is quite normal for such a type, you will see this in the comparison table below.

Size-wise, the tabletop is not particularly large but it is very tall, the height completely appropriate for a camp kitchen table. What it lacks in the size, it compensates with its storage shelves.

Regarding the packed size, this is again quite a typical table that remains large in two dimensions when packed, but it becomes very thin, only 3.3 inches (8.4 cm).

All in all, this camping cooking table is suitable for a variety of situations such as the beach, park, garden, and any other indoor and outdoor activity.

The price & rating

The daily updated Amazon US price is available below. Please see how I rate this table:

My rating of the Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table:
  • Weight - 4/10
  • Dimensions - 7.9/10
  • Packed size - 7/10
  • Craftsmanship & features - 9.4/10


My total average rating is:


  • Very easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Great storage features.
  • Affordable.
  • Carry bag,


  • A bit heavy.
User Review
7.56/10 (18 votes)


  • Weight: 17.6 lb (8 kg).
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 31.3 x 23.6 x 19.7 in (80 x 60 x 50 cm).
  • Packed size: 24.5 x 21 x 3.3 in (62 x 53 x 8.4 cm).
  • Frame: aluminum.
  • 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty against any defective workmanship and material.

Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table vs Competitors

The comparison table below may help you to make an informed choice. This Timber Ridge table is shown side by side with the CampLand Table and Camco Deluxe Table.

All three have storage elements and they are folding/collapsible and portable. There are big differences in the storage design and in the tabletop size. All are very easy to use and portable.

lb (kg)

(H x W x D), in (cm)

Packed size,
in (cm)



Storage elements


Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table

17.6 (8)

31.3 x 23.6 x 19.7
(80 x 60 x 50)

24.5 x 21 x 3.3
(62 x 53 x 8.4)





CampLand Outdoor Folding Table

16 (7.3)

27.4 x 47.2 x 18.5
(70 x 120 x 47)

23.6 x 18.5 x 4
(60 x 47 x 10)





Camco Deluxe Table

20 (9.1)

33 x 26 x 16
(84 x 66 x 41)

37.7 x 20.4 x 6
(96 x 52 x 15)






Final thoughts & rating

In conclusion, this Timber Ridge Camping Foldable Cook Table is really nicely built and functional. The storage elements are very useful for dishes and for food storage in the camp, all can be closed and protected from insects.

It packs nicely into itself. Fully recommended. I have added it to my list of best portable camp kitchens.

Take a closer look.

If you need more options, please check under the category Camping Tables here in the site, you will find many top-notch items. You might want to compare this table with this Bushtec Adventure Sierra Canvas Camp Cupboard & Camping Table built in a bit similar style.

Note that this is not a sponsored text, and I am not paid by the brand. Please use the comment box below in case of questions or comments.

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