Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy


Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy is a freestanding collapsible hammock with a large bed. You can pitch it anywhere, and use as a camping cot as well.

Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy.
Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy.

Key features

  • Freestanding hammock.
  • Completely collapsible.
  • Canopy included.
  • Storage shelf included.
  • Bonus pillow.

Where to buy

This folding hammock is available on Amazon so follow the link and benefit from their global shipping service.

What this is about

This Nikkycozie Fold Up Hammock is what its name says, a folding structure which you can pack to a relatively small size of only 46.06 x 11.02 x 6.69 inches (117 x 28 x 17 cm). This design implies that it needs assembly when you use it, but this is done easily and without any tool.

Now, every hammock is foldable so this is nothing new, but this what you have here is also a fully freestanding hammock. So you need no trees around or poles to hang the hammock. In other words, you can set it up anywhere, and this should be taken literally.


This hammock comes also with several bonuses.

  • I would say that the canopy is the most important bonus here. This means you can be in the shade even if you use this hammock at the pool or on the beach. Note that the canopy is removable (see the picture); this is useful if you use the hammock as a bed in the tent.

    This is the hammock with removed canopy.
    This is the hammock with removed canopy.
  • But as you see from the pictures, it comes also with a very useful mesh shelf underneath the bed deck. So you can keep all your belongings off the ground.
  • This is not all, you have a pillow included with the dimensions 18.9 x 9.4 in (48 x 24 cm).
  • There is also a wheeled carry bag included for transportation and to keep the stuff clean from dust when stored at home.

The fabric used for the bed is 600D polyester, and the frame is steel.

Who is it for

Size-wise, with the bed’s dimensions 89.5 x 39.37 inches (227 x 100 cm), this is a great size hammock, suitable even for very tall people. It is considerably wider than some of its competitors, you will see this in the comparison table below. So this size is in the range of extra wide camping cots which I have in my separate text.

Capacity-wise, with the declared capacity of 250 lb (113 kg), this hammock is quite standard, not so impressive. But this should be enough for most users.

Weight-wise, in view of its 32.19 lb (14.6 kg) of weight, this is all but a light thing, but this is typical for such constructions. You will realize this from the comparison table below.

I already mentioned its packed size, so in view of all these parameters, this is clearly a camping item for places with a car access.

Using the Nikkycozie Hammock in Tent

You have seen the hammock shown without the canopy. In such a state it looks almost like a camping cot, so there is no reason why it could not be used that way in a large family camping tent. So this is indeed a versatile item.

Note that the bed deck is around 26 inches (66 cm) above the ground, so you have plenty of volume underneath the hammock to store your camping gear.

The legs are with large and floor-friendly feet, but you might still want to add some carpet underneath the feet to protect the tent’s floor.

Good and less good features

Here is my short summary:

Thumb up icon.

  • Easy setup.
  • Wide and long.
  • Pillow included.
  • Storage shelf.
Thumb down icon for cons.

  • A bit heavy.
  • Expensive.
  • Long when packed.

The price & rating

This folding hammock is on the market with the price tag around $200, so if you are on a budget better check some more affordable options, you will see some in the comparison table below.

Please see how I rate this folding hammock against the same criteria used for all the other items of this type here in the site:

My rating of the Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock:
  • 4.8/10
    Weight - 4.8/10
  • 9.9/10
    Size - 9.9/10
  • 7/10
    Capacity - 7/10
  • 7.2/10
    Packed size - 7.2/10
  • 9.7/10
    Ease of use & features - 9.7/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


  • Weight: 32.19 lb (14.6 kg).
  • Capacity: 250 lb (113 kg).
  • Size with canopy (L x W x H): 109.45 x 39.37 x 55.61 in (278 x 100 x 141 cm).
  • Bed size (without canopy): 89.5 x 39.37 in (227 x 100 cm).
  • Bed height: 26 in (66 cm).
  • Packed size: 46.06 x 11.02 x 6.69 in (117 x 28 x 17 cm).
  • Hammock to canopy: 30.3 in (77 cm).
  • Pillow: 18.9 x 9.4 in (48 x 24 cm).

Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock vs Competitors

I think it is always a good idea to see how such a product stands when compared with similar items on the market. So I show two of them that are also presented in detail here in the site.

Note that the very popular Kamp-Rite hammock is without canopy, and the Mac Sports hammock is with canopy but the bed is narrower. The Nikkycozie hammock is much more expensive than the other two.

Weight, lb (kg)

Bed size, in (cm)

Packed size, in (cm)

Capacity, lb (kg)

Carry bag




32.19 (14.6)

89.5 x 39.37
(227 x 100)

46.1 x 11 x 6.7
(117 x 28 x 17)

250 (113)




Mac Sports

33 (15)

92.5 x 26.3
(235 x 67)

47.1 x 10.1 x 6.3
(120 x 26 x 16)

250 (113)




Kamp Rite Kwik
Set Hammock

33 (15)

76 x 35
(193 x 89)

52 x 11 x 7
(132 x 28 x 18)

300 (136)





Final thoughts

So this Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy is indeed a nice structure, easy to use, with a carry bag, and with such a useful canopy. The price is steep but if you can afford it, you will have a nicely built and versatile freestanding hammock that can be used as a camping cot as well.

Check Nikkycozie Portable Fold Up Hammock current price.

If you need more options please check my separate list with folding hammocks.

Note that this is not a sponsored text, and I have no business relationship with this brand.

What do you think about this hammock and about such a concept in general? Do share your thoughts, there is a comment box below.


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