FUNS Off Ground 1 Person 4 Season Backpacking Tent Cot

FUNS Off Ground 1 Person 4 Season Backpacking Tent Cot is a completely collapsible and portable free-standing system that can be set up on any terrain. This is a perfect tool for hikers, mountaineers, and even for backpackers.

Key benefits & standout features

  • Completely freestanding system for sleeping anywhere.
  • Very easy setup.
  • Complete protection from elements and from bugs.
  • Several possible variants to use.
  • Two doors and two vestibules.
  • Unique and functional design: the tent zips to the cot.

Check the price.

What is in the name

In the title, I use the name as it is advertised with this tent cot. But this “4-season” should be taken with caution. This is not a 4-season tool in the strict sense. To see about winter tents, please check this text.

The structure which you have in this tent-cot is not meant to support heavy winds and snow. But indeed, in view of the fact that you sleep off the ground, you have no contact with the cold surface and you need far less insulation from below. So you could use this tent-cot even on the snow or on the glacier without any problem.

Is this a backpacking tool?

I shall leave this to you. But you should know the following facts. The description you have on Amazon, is clearly inaccurate, and this is so disappointing to see. The weight appears to be wrong, this tent-cot is around 6-6.2 lb (2.72-2.8 kg). You can surely make it lighter if you use different ultra-lightweight stakes, like these MSR stakes that are less than 6 grams per stake.

The weight on Amazon, and the description of elements (like 12 force rings, 16 bed bars, etc.) indicate that this description is from the previous version of the tent-cot from the same brand, with the cot which was completely different, similar to what you have in the construction of the Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot, or the OUTAD tent cot.

However, the cot you have here is not based on the rings, you have a completely different legs construction with 4 bars. I stress again, there is a lot of confusion here.

Now, even with 2.7-2.8 kg, this is a great tool, remember that you have a full-size cot included here, plus the tent and the fly, with all stakes. So you have a full autonomy, protection, and comfort, all in one package.

What is in the package

This is what you get:

  • Inner tent.
  • Tent fly.
  • 2 aluminum tent poles.
  • 2 aluminum bedside rods.
  • Cot fabric sheet.
  • 4 aluminum legs.
  • 8 aluminum stakes.
  • Guylines.
  • Carry bag for all.
  • Tent rods carry bag.
  • Cot legs carry bag.


This tent-cot comes in its stuff sack, it is roughly 50 cm long and some 15 cm diameter. You have a pair of compression straps to cinch all the tools inside. The package can easily be attached to a backpack or transported on a motorbike, not to speak about the car trunk.

As will all tent-cots this is a great tool for off-the-ground sleeping. It saves you from a lot of trouble and you also need far less insulation with this setup. See more here about losing the warmth to the ground.

The side poles for the bed and the 4 leg bars are all with shock cords, so you cannot lose them and you cannot mix them. The setup is very easy, and you also have instructions printed on the stuff sack.

Setup & construction

You pass the side poles through the sleeves on the sides of the bed fabric. This fabric is very durable, 600D Oxford cloth. After that, you add the 4 legs; they have locks to the side poles on both ends and it is just a simple click mechanism. With this, the cot is ready.

Note that these are bars (poles) and not classical legs. So they will not sink in the ground regardless of how soft it may be. Even if they do sink a bit, the contact surface is large and they cannot go far. So you can set this cot on sand, grass, mud, or literally anywhere.

If you look around in this site, you will see some cots described. Well, the structure you have here is very similar to what you have in Big Agnes Helinox Cot Lite, in Helinox Cot Max, and in some other cots.

So the designers have borrowed a lot from those tools and constructed something new. I suspect that, in fact, all these tools come from the same factory and from the same designers. But anyhow, this is not a subject here.

A good thing is that you do not have cross bars underneath your back, the leg-bars are far below the cot’s surface and you are definitely safe from this.

Note that the mesh tent is zipped to the cot. There is a long zipper that runs all the way around the tent.

The vertical side walls.
The vertical side walls.

But let’s get back to the setup procedure. Now you add the main tent pole and clip the mesh tent to it. Next, you add the short cross pole and attach the tent to it.

The side walls become completely vertical due to this cross pole, so this creates a lot of volume although the interior is a bit narrow. You have enough of headroom in any case, above you and around you.

All the poles here are DAC aluminum and shock-corded as mentioned above. The net tent is high-density and no insects can pass it. The top section of the net tent is 20D ripstop nylon.

From this moment you have your mesh tent ready. Note, in this stage this is is a completely freestanding structure, stable and self-supportive, so you can take it and move around to any place in the camp.

You will notice two quite large zippered D-shaped doors, one on each side. The doors open in opposite directions, and you can roll them up and fix on the sides. All the zippers here are the two-way type, so you can open them in any direction.

The whole side body of the tent is mesh, as you can see from images, so there may be no issue with breathability when this is used without the fly. Only the bottom section, some 20 cm above the cot, is 20D ripstop nylon. On each corner of the net tent, you have attachment elements for the rain fly.

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Pockets: inside the tent, there are two pockets on one of the two short sides of the tent to store small items.

Anchor points

The freestanding structure can still be anchored and you will surely do this to make it safe from the wind. There are 8 stakes for this purpose, they come in their separate nicely designed sack.

The fly

The fly is 15D ripstop double-sided silicone coated nylon, extremely lightweight, and with taped seams, so completely waterproof, windproof, and tear-resistant. Its rating is in the range of 2000 mm-3000 mm.

The tent-cot with the fly.
The tent-cot with the fly.

You remember I mentioned two doors, so yes, the fly comes with two vestibules. Now, this is indeed a bonus because you have two huge covered and protected spaces for your gear.

The two vestibules.
The two vestibules.

On both sides, on each vestibule, the fly has one vent, so this should help with ventilation. You will notice that the vents have loops so you can fix them with guylines and keep permanently open.

You can also open the vestibules only partly, e.g., with one wing fixed and the other rolled off, and the same you can do on the other side. There are loops on the sides of vestibules for this purpose, to attach the rolled off wings of the vestibules.

The tent is with two doors. This may be convenient if you are surrounded by other tents in the camp so you can choose which door to use, good for privacy. But the extra zipper on the door adds weight. I find it a bit redundant for such a solo tool. But you have one extra vestibule, not bad at all.

There are no cross bars to support the bed. The whole bed structure is supported only by the plastic elements on the sides of the leg-bars, visible in the pictures. Though they give some numbers in specifications regarding the maximum load.

The net tent zips to the cot. So it does not have its own bottom and for that reason, it cannot be used as a standalone tent. This is because the grommets and attachment elements for the tent poles are on the cot fabric and not on the mesh tent itself. It is a pity they did not think about this option. So they missed a chance for building a truly universal 3-in-1 tool.


  • Tent size (L x W x H): 76 x 26 x 35 in (193 x 66 x 89 cm).
  • Cot size (L x W): 76 x 26 in (193 x 66 cm).
  • Materials:
    – Fly: 15D double-sided silicon-coated nylon.
    – Net: 20D nylon.
    – Tent rods and cot frame: aluminum alloy.
    – Cot bed fabric: 600D oxford cloth.
    – Tent stakes: aluminum alloy.
  • Weight: 6 lb (2.72 kg).


To conclude this FUNS Off Ground 1 Person 4 Season Backpacking Tent Cot review, this tent cot is for people who don’t like sleeping on the ground in general or do not like a hammock. Sleeping on the ground can never be as comfortable as sleeping on a cot. With such a cot-tent you have no issues with rocks and with popped inflatable sleeping pads. So this alternative is great but it comes at with a high price tag.

I wish to stress again, it is a pity that they did not make the tent as a standalone tool. But even without this, this tool is versatile enough. If you need something different, just look around, all tent-cots available on the market are presented here in the site. Check this Desert Walker Tent Cot which is bigger and lighter or this Uboway Tent Cot.

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Thank you for reading. I hope this text has been useful to you, and if this is so, please share it with others. In the case of comments and questions, please use the comment box below.


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