Coleman Compact Camping Table (Great Price)

Coleman Compact Camping Table is a collapsible aluminum/steel combination, easy to use, and very affordable. Keep reading.

Coleman Compact Camping Table
Coleman Compact Camping Table.

Key features

  • Fully collapsible.
  • Easy to use.
  • Aluminum & steel combination.
  • Great price.

Where to buy

  • This camping table is available on Amazon. They operate globally so check the price and shipping conditions for your location.
  • You can find it also at Walmart.

What is in the name

The word ‘compact’ in the name implies that this is a collapsible table which reduces to 27.6 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches (70 x 14 x 14 cm) when packed in its included carry bag.

When you want to pack the table, the legs just fold, and the support bars are with sliders so the whole structure becomes small. The tabletop folds because of its accordion-like structure.

So the table is portable, but this also means it needs a simple assembly when you need it. This is an easy task, all done without tools and in a minute. You will see this in the video below.

There are 4 elements in this table: the accordion-style aluminum tabletop, two horizontal bars which serve as its base, and the steel frame. You can see them in this picture:

All 4 elements are visible here.
All 4 elements are visible here.

So this is an all-metal construction and you can use hot pans on its tabletop, no worry of being damaged. The weight capacity is great, up to 100 lb so you can use all the stuff you need in the camp and the table will handle it easily.

See how to make it ready:

Who is it for

Regarding the weight and its packed size, with its 8.86 lb (4 kg) the table is portable but not for long distances. You have seen above how small it is when packed so you can transport it even on a motorbike.

But if you want something to carry in the pack, check some of these ultralight tables.

Regarding the size, with its 27.6 x 27.6 inches (70 x 70 cm) tabletop, it is large enough for two users. The height and construction are such that you cannot use it as a standard dining table, those support bars will not allow you to seat at it properly. So it is more suitable as a side table.

The price & rating

This Coleman Compact Camping Table is on the market with the price tag available below. This explains its enormous popularity.

There are more than 1000 reports by customers on Amazon, and this table has scored an impressive average rating.

Please see how I rate it. I use the same set of criteria for all the tables here in the site, so you can compare easily:

My rating of the Coleman Compact Camping Table:
  • Weight - 8/10
  • Dimensions - 8.4/10
  • Packed size - 8.2/10
  • Craftsmanship & features - 9.5/10


My total average rating is:


  • Excellent price.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Quality craftsmanship.
  • Portable.


  • A bit heavy.
User Review
9/10 (3 votes)


  • Weight: 8.86 lb (4 kg).
  • Capacity: 100 lb (45 kg).
  • Tabletop size: 27.6 x 27.6 in (70 x 70 cm).
  • Tabletop height: 27.6 in (70 cm).
  • Packed size: 27.6 x 5.5 x 5.5 in (70 x 14 x 14 cm).

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table vs ALPS Mountaineering Camp Table

These two tables look identical but there are big differences, you can see some in the table. The Alps Mountaineering table is all aluminum and this is reflected in its weight. Both are very affordable.

Weight, lb (kg)

(W x D x H), in (cm)

Packed size,
in (cm)



Carry bag


Coleman Outdoor
Compact Table

8.86 (4)

27.6 x 27.6 x 27.6
(70 x 70 x 70)

27.6 x 5.5 x 5.5
(70 x 14 x 14)





Alps Mountaineering
Camp Table

6 (2.72)

28 x 28 x 27
(71 x 71 x 69)

32 x 6 x 4
(81 x 15 x 10)






Final thoughts

This Coleman Compact Camping Table has been on the market for a number of years already. This and its price are the reasons why it has collected so many reports by customers.

So everything is known about this product, there can be no surprises when you buy something like this. It is included in my list of best collapsible outdoor tables.

Check on Amazon
Check at Walmart

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If you would rather have a folding type, check this REDCAMP Aluminum Folding Table with adjustable legs.

Note that this is not a sponsored text, and I am not paid by the brand. Please use the comment box below in case of questions or comments. Have a nice day. 

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