Simmons BeautySleep Foldaway Guest Bed Twin With Foam Mattress


Simmons BeautySleep Foldaway Guest Bed Twin is a cot with a bonus memory foam mattress, a comfortable spare bed at home and a great camping tool.

Simmons BeautySleep Foldaway Guest Bed Cot With Memory Foam Mattress Twin
Simmons BeautySleep Foldaway Guest Bed Cot With Memory Foam Mattress Twin

Key features and benefits

  • Thick foam mattress included.
  • Very wide bed.
  • It folds to only 7 inches (18 cm) thickness.
  • Plush Micro Quilt removable and washable cover.
  • Very durable construction.
  • Locking mechanism for legs.

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What type is it

As you realize from the name, Simmons BeautySleep Foldaway cot belongs to the group of foldable tools, and many of them are described here in the site. This means that when packed, it preserves two relatively large dimensions, 38 x 31 inches (97 x 79 cm). But it becomes thin, only some 7 inches (18 cm).

So do not mix them with collapsible cots, many of those are available here in the site.

On the other hand, this is a cot with memory foam mattress. I made a long list of such tools, so you might want to have a look here. Again, do not mix these with cots with air mattresses, several of them are described elsewhere in this site.

The Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed is foldable as the name suggests.
The Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed is foldable as the name suggests.

Who is it for 

This is a versatile tool to be used at home as a spare bed for sudden overnight guests. Just store it in the closet or under your regular bed and use when needed. See below how nice it looks:

It looks very elegant for home use.
It looks very elegant for home use.

Its cover is removable and washable, this is not so frequent in tools of this type.

But it is also a great camping tool at places with a car access. It is a bit heavy, but this is not to be carried around. These are places that come to mind about its outdoor use:

  • regular camping places,
  • trailhead hotels,
  • summer open-air music festivals,
  • vacations in general,
  • any emergency situation.

Obviously, you can use it to sleep in a tent or under the stars, or on a pickup car. Did you see its three U-shaped bar-legs? This is a good design, such bars do not sink in soft ground, and they will not damage tent floor or the floor in the house.

The mattress is removable, this cot is a 3-in-1 tool. This means you can use both the cot and mattress separately and together. For example, you have 2 sudden overnight guests and only one cot, then one can use the mattress and sleep on the floor, the other will manage with the cot only, it is comfortable enough.

Why would you need this Simmons BeautySleep cot

Such cots are generally comfortable, and in this particular case, you also have the mattress included. The mattress is high quality, with memory foam and 3 inches (7.6 cm) thick. So this is about comfort. Sleeping on the ground cannot be so comfortable regardless how good your sleeping pad is.

When you sleep on the ground, you need a far better insulation, a cot saves you from that. So you need less investment in expensive sleeping pads.

using it in a tent

A cot may look like a big tool to use in a tent. The bed size, when unfolded, is 75 x 31 in (191 x 79 cm), so any two person tent will be fine for such a cot.

The height can be an issue, here you have a cot which is 17 inches (43 cm) high. So you would need some of the tents that are high enough. See this great Kelty Camp Cabin, it can take several cots of this type.

Note also huge space and volume under the cot, this can be used to store the gear.


There is not much to say about setting this cot up. It is the matter of just unfolding it and putting it on his legs. See all in this short video:

The price

The price of this cot is currently around $155, but this changes all the time so please check the links. So this looks like a steep price, but this is a quality tool and the mattress is not just an ordinary open cell foam, this is a memory foam, see the picture:

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin) with a memory foam mattress.
Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin) with a memory foam mattress.

Pros & Cons

Here is my list:

Pros Cons
• No assembly, ready to use.
• Removable mattress.
• Removable & washable cover.
• Easy setup.
• Foldable.

• Durable materials.
• Versatile.
• Legs locking.
• No carry bag.
• Not so big although Twin.

It is a bit strange that they use the word Twin in the name of this cot. In reality, it is not so big, only 75 x 31 in (191 x 79 cm). Perhaps they wanted to make a difference with respect to their smaller single model.

The rating by Amazon customers for this cot is excellent, with 4.4/5 average rating based on more than 140 reviews. See how I rate it:

My rating breakdown of the Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed Twin
  • 5.4/10
    Weight - 5.4/10
  • 8.9/10
    Size - 8.9/10
  • 7.5/10
    Capacity - 7.5/10
  • 4.4/10
    Packability - 4.4/10
  • 9.9/10
    Ease of use & features - 9.9/10
  • 9.1/10
    Price - 9.1/10


  • Weight: 29 lb (13.2 kg).
  • Capacity: 300 lb (136 kg).
  • Dimensions: 75 x 31 x 17 in (191 x 79 x 43 cm).
  • Packed size: 38 x 31 x 7 in (97 x 79 x 18).
  • Mattress thickness: 3 in (7.6 cm).
  • Steel frame.

Comparison with competitors

See how Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed Twin compares with some other tools of the same type. Please follow the links to see more:

Size (L x W), inches (cm)
Packed size, inches (cm)
lb (kg)
CmfortSmart Cot
69 x 25
(175 x 63)
34.3 x 25.4 x 5.5 (87 x 64 x 14) 14 (6.35)
Ridgeline III Cot
74 x 26
(188 x 66)
36 x 26 x 5.5
(91 x 66 x 14)
16.5 (7.48)
Beauty Sleep
75 x 31 
(191 x 79)
38 x 31 x 7
(97 x 79 x 18)
29 (13.2)

So clearly it is heavier than the other two cots, yet it offers more comfort as well. But as I said above, these tools are not built to carry them around so the weight is not a big deal.


So to conclude this Simmons BeautySleep Foldaway Guest Bed Twin review, this is a nicely built cot with a bonus memory foam mattress which is quite thick and very comfortable. The cover is removable and washable, and the frame is steel. All these things are behind its relatively high price. I can fully recommend it both for home use and as an outdoor tool to use at places with a car access.

Note, I have included it in my list of foldable cots with mattresses. just to know if you still feel that you need something different or bigger.

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I wish to thank you for reading. If you have any question please use the comment box below. Have a nice day.


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