Kamp Rite Compact Tent Cot XL – Enlarged Version


Kamp Rite Compact Tent Cot XL is an enlarged version of the Kamp Rite CTC Standard. So you have all the same basic features and a bit more of space.

Kamp Rite Extra Large Compact tent cot.
Kamp Rite Extra Large Compact tent cot.


From the specifications below you will see that this model is 12 cm longer and 10 cm wider than the CTC Standard model. So indeed it offers more space while the functionality is completely the same. The whole structure is 1.4 kg heavier as well.

The functionality implies that:

  • Here too you have a 3-in-1 tool, so that tent and cot can be used both separately and together. The tent can be carried in the backpack for hiking tours and it can be used just like any standard tent for sleeping on the ground. You will notice that the tent peak is a few centimeters higher than in the case of the CTC Standard model.
  • This tool belongs to those that are both foldable and collapsible. It can be packed in a relatively small package of 20 x 23 x 107 cm.
  • It is very easy to setup, all the job is doable in just a few minutes.

At both ends you have two zippered windows with mesh against mosquitoes, good for ventilation as well.

What is included

  • Waterproof Rain Fly [RF742].
  • Heavy Duty 600D Roller Wheeled Carry Bag.
  • 190T Carry Bag (tent only) [CB403].
  • Spreader Bar.

Pros & cons

This construction is similar to what you have in other collapsible Kamp Rite models, so it is stable and sturdy. Here is the summary of my cons and pros:

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  • Very easy to use.
  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Complete protection of elements.
  • Comfortable sleeping.
  • Versatile.

Thumb down icon for cons.

  • Small windows.
  • Not great ventilation.

If you compare it with Winterial tent cot, you will see what is missing: an awning or overhang in front, above the door. This is good to have in any case, to sit in front of it, or to protect you when entering the tent during the rain.

But this cot tent has received a really remarkable rating by Amazon customers, no less than 4.4/5 average rate.


  • Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kg).
  • Cot size (W x L x H): 33 x 84 x 21 in (84 x 213 x 53 cm).
  • Tent size (W x L x H): 33 x 84 x 40 in (84 x 213 x 102 cm).
  • Folded size (W x L x H): 8 x 9 x 42 in (20 x 23 x 107 cm).
  • Max. weight: 350 lbs (159 kg).
  • 190 TPU fabric.
  • All seams taped.
  • No-see-um mesh on windows and doors.
  • Overhead zippered windows at each end of the tent top.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Fiberglass tent poles.
  • Interior storage pouches.
  • Underneath mesh storage hammock on cot base (see the picture above).

Comparison with other models

See how this CTC XL model compares with other single models from the same brand:

Bed size, inches (cm)
Tent Height, inches (cm) Packed size inches (cm)
Weight, lb (kg)
KR Oversize 32 x 90 (81 x 229) 36 (91)
36 x 34 x 7 (92 x 86 x 18) 34 (15.4)
KR Compact 29 x 79 (74 x 201) 39 (99)
43 x 10 x 9 (109 x 25 x 23) 25 (11.3)
KR Compact XL 33 x 84 (84 x 213) 40 (102)
42 x 9 x 8 (107 x 23 x 20) 28 (12.7)


To conclude this text about Kamp Rite Compact Tent Cot XL, this model is completely identical to the Standard CTC model, the only differences are in its dimensions. Length, width, and height are different here and consequently the weight as well. There is also some difference in the price. Its 3-in-1 feature is something that definitely makes the difference when you compare it with other foldable models; this is a truly versatile tool.

Thank you for reading. It will be great to hear from you, there is a comment box below.


2 thoughts on “Kamp Rite Compact Tent Cot XL – Enlarged Version”

  1. This is a pretty cool thing. You gave a great deal of information on it, but I am curious is it available in any department stores, like Academy? and is it available in different colors?

    1. Hi Trisha, I have no idea what Academy is. As far as I know this is the only color for this model. Some other models of Kamp Rite have camouflage rain covers but not this one.

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