Coleman Queen Size Cot With Air Mattress – Incredible Price

The Coleman Queen Size Cot with air mattress is a complete sleeping system with several elements, perfect for two people for camping at places with a car access. It comes with an incredibly affordable price tag.

Coleman Queen Size Cot With Air Mattress.
Coleman Queen Size Cot With Air Mattress.

Key benefits & bonuses

  • This is a complete system with cot and mattress.
  • Included 2 side tables with cup holders.
  • Pump included.
  • Pad cover included
  • Very comfortable.
  • Strong construction.
  • Double Lock Valve on the air pad.
  • Amazon’s Choice product.


The Coleman Queen cot airbed is in the class of cots for two people. So indeed, with a width of 59 inches (150 cm), this is a huge camping bed with enough space for two grown-up people.

This is a very sturdy and stable folding structure with no less than 9 legs on the ground and many support bars which you can see in the pictures. When you see it unfolded, it is hard to believe that it all fits in such a small packed carry case.

This is an Amazon’s Choice item and this means they recommend it as highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately.
Who is it for – where to use it

The length of the Coleman Queen airbed cot is 78 inches (198 cm) so it is good enough for people below 6 ft 5 in or so.

They describe it as a tool that takes the comfort of a home bed with you when you go outside. No doubt this is so in view of its very thick air mattress and the incredible sturdy construction with the capacity of 600 lb (272 kg). This is the widest of double size cots currently available on the market.

This is a camping bed to use at any place with a car access. It packs nicely to 48 x 18 inches (122 x 46 cm) and the carry bag is with wheels, so you can move it around to relatively short distances. But bear in mind its weight, 42.8 lb (19.4 kg), so this is not a lightweight piece.

Such a great packed size makes it a great extra bed to have at home for sudden guests. It offers the comfort of a normal double bed.

There are two side tables in the Coleman Queen Cot system.
There are two side tables in the Coleman Queen Cot system.
What is included

With all comfort, this system also includes the following:

  • Double size cot.
  • Air mattress.
  • Two side tables with cup holders.
  • Pump.
  • Sewn-in cover.
  • Strong carry bag.
Sewn-in cover with zipper, designed to keep the mattress in place.
Sewn-in cover with zipper, designed to keep the mattress in place.

The cot can be used without the mattress, and the mattress itself can be used separately as well. So this is a true 3-in-1 tool.

The air pump (shown below) works on batteries, just connect it to the Double Lock valve on the mattress and it will be ready in less than 3 minutes. The same Double Lock valve system deflates the pad very easily.

Carry case

The complete set, the cot, the pad, and the cover, fold up like an umbrella and it fits into its carry bag, which is with wheels, see the picture above. In view of its weight, you will need them, but clearly, they will serve the purpose only on concrete or any similar hard surface.

Fitting in the tent

No doubt you will need a big tent for this cot. Observe also its height, 22 inches (56 cm), so you will need a tall tent and enough space around the bed to make use of its side tables. Note that such a bed height implies a lot of useful space underneath it to store your camping gear.

There are many tent options available on the market, and one that comes to mind is this Kelty Camp Cabin which is unusually tall, 77 inches (196 cm), and its floor size is just right, 244 x 277 cm (96 x 105 in).

Coleman Queen Cot in a tent - it needs a lot of space but it also offers a lot of space.
Coleman Queen Cot in a tent – it needs a lot of space but it also offers a lot of space.

You can see the cot in a tent in this short video:

My rating, pros & cons, price

The cot is heavy, but I do not see this a big issue, you are not supposed to carry it around. One minor objection is about the mattress cover which is sewn-in.

The daily updated price is shown in the link below, so you realize how incredibly affordable this cot is. Note also this is an Amazon Prime product so you will have it shipped for free.

This camping bed has been on the market for several years already, and there are numerous reports by users. On Amazon alone, you have them several thousand and the average rating is very high. See below my own rating breakdown for this camping system:

My rating breakdown of the Coleman Cot Queen
  • Weight - 6.6/10
  • Size - 9.3/10
  • Capacity - 7.5/10
  • Packed size - 7.6/10
  • Ease of use & features - 9.9/10


My overall rating of this cot is Excellent:


• Complete sleeping system.
• Very easy setup.
• Very comfortable.
• Very reliable.
• Durable materials.
• Great size.
• Great price.
• Many bonuses.


• Heavy.
• The pad cover not removable.

User Review
8.42/10 (70 votes)


  • Weight: 42.8 lb (19.4 kg).
  • Weight capacity: 600 lb (272 kg).
  • Dimensions: 78 x 59 x 22 in (198 x 150 x 56 cm).
  • Packed size (L x D): 48 x 18 in (122 x 46 cm).
  • 2 side tables with cup holders.
  • AirTight system is factory-tested to be leak-free.
  • ComfortStrong coil system for a great support.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Included 4D pump.
  • Sewn-in cover included.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Double Lock valve is dual-sealed to be leak-free.

Comparison with competitors

Actually, there are no competitors. There is nothing known to me at the moment of writing this text that would come close to this Coleman Queen Cot. Right now it is unique, and if anything similar appears on the market, you will find it here in this site.

Only remotely similar is the Coleman Twin Cot which is obviously from the same brand, but quite smaller and hardly wide enough for two grown-up people.

Note also that there exists a new version of the Queen bed, the Coleman Queen Frame Airbed Cot with Side Tables and Built-In Pump (which is the main difference), but it is far more expensive.


So to conclude this text about the Coleman Queen Size Cot With Air Mattress, I think this sleeping system has been on the market for at least 5 years already. All is known about this tool, it is reliable, sturdy, and comfortable, but also quite heavy.

Please follow the link below to see the updates and customers’ reviews; from my side, I can fully recommend it to anybody.

Best places to buy:


Bass Pro Shops

Coleman is world-famous for its numerous cots (see some of them in the links below), and in my recent text I have presented all of those available on the market, so please have a look here. But you might also want to compare this cot with this Outsunny Compact Collapsible Portable Camping Cot Bed Set.

Thank you for reading. Do you have any experience with this cot or any other cot from the same brand? If so please let us know, there is a comment box below. Have a nice day.

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  1. 'becca Buesgen says:

    Great review…it was a surprise that the cot is now $170 on Amazon…but I bought it anyway.

    1. Hi, great to hear from you. This is a complete sleeping system, I hope it will work for you. All the best.

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