What Is the Largest Camping Cot?

What Is the Largest Camping Cot

Camping cots can be surprisingly small, and this means both short and narrow, far below the length of a typical bed at home and much narrower. It is hard to understand why this is so if this is about car camping. But there are great exceptions, and those are presented here.

The term ‘the largest’ may imply length, width, or both. So here you have presented the longest cot on the market, the widest cot on the market, and the cot with the largest bed area.

What is the longest cot on the market

If you go to Amazon and check among camping cots, you will realize that most of them are around 190 cm long. This is shorter by around 10 cm than standard beds at home.

The situation is even worse with some of them that have a frame, this is typical for collapsible military-style cots, and for most folding cots. Such a frame takes a few centimeters, so the cot is effectively even smaller than what its numbers suggest.

But there are really great exceptions, and here is three the longest existing cot on the market:

ALPS Mountaineering Escalade Cot XL

ALPS Mountaineering Escalade Cot XL.
ALPS Mountaineering Escalade Cot XL.

This cot is 90 inches (229 cm) long and you will not find anything longer. Note that they have it also in L version which is “only” 80 inches (203 cm) long, so do not get confused. Both are available on Amazon at the same place.

Yet another great side of this cot is that it has no end bars, so the mentioned length is the true useful length. This is a pure folding cot as well, so there is no assembly of any kind, this is all one single piece.

The bed measures 90 x 35 inches (229 x 89 cm), and the height is 22.5 inches (57 cm). So you realize it is quite wide as well, and it is tall so it may be a great option also for elderly users because it is easy to get in and out.

As you can see, the bed area is 2.04 square meters, so this does not make the largest in general, see the champion below. More about this cot you can read in my full text.

Just in case that you cannot find it from your location, I am adding one more as a reasonably good reserve option, Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Cot with Lever Arm. Its dimensions are impressive 85 x 40 inches (216 x 102 cm), so you see it is a bit shorter but it is much wider than the cot shown above.

What is the widest cot on the market?

Actually there are two of them with the same width:

Ozark Trail XXL Weather-Resistant Deluxe Cot

Ozark Trail XXL Weather-Resistant Deluxe Cot.
Ozark Trail XXL Weather-Resistant Deluxe Cot.

The bed size of this cot is 85 x 42 inches (216 x 107 cm). So this bed is extremely wide and also extremely long. The bed area here is no less than 2.31 square meters.

The cot is a military-style, and this means it is fully collapsible and it needs a simple assembly. All the elements are pre-attached except for the two poles on the two narrow ends.

The word Deluxe in the name is well-deserved in view of its overall size, but note also that it has an incredible storage features on the side. You can read all the details about this cot in my separate text.

But I mentioned two of them. Well, the second is presented in the next section.

What is the largest cot?

Stansport Heavy-Duty G.I. Cot

Stansport Heavy-Duty G.I. Cot.
Stansport Heavy-Duty G.I. Cot.

The dimensions of this cot are 84 x 42 inches (218 x 107 cm). So you see now that it is the same width as the cot above, and this means one of two the widest cots on the market.

But it is slightly longer, and this means that its overall bed area is slightly larger, you have 2.33 square meters. Although the difference when compared to the previous cot is negligible, this is the true champing regarding the size. More about this cot you can read in my full review.

Final thoughts

So these are currently the largest cots on the market, and if you want space to sprawl on a camping cot, you will not find anything larger.

Note also that the weight capacity may be important, so if you are a very heavy person, make sure you choose the cot that will be strong enough for you.

Let me know if you have questions, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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