What is Kamp Rite Insect Protection System

The name of the Kamp Rite Insect Protection System, also known as Kamp Rite IPS, is to some extent misleading because this is simply a mesh tent with a rain fly. What makes it a ‘system’ is the fact that it can be used together with a camping cot.

Kamp Rite Insect Protection System.
Kamp Rite Insect Protection System.

Key benefits

  • Free-standing tool.
  • Versatile.
  • Exceptionally good price.
  • Amazon’s Choice product.


I already mentioned that this IPS tool is free-standing. This means that when used as an ordinary tent, you can set it up on any kind of ground, and it is self-standing without being anchored. This is a great feature bearing in mind that you can put it on the concrete, gravel, rock surface, or on a frozen surface.

This makes the Kamp Rite IPS tent a nice backpacking, hiking, or mountaineering product. It comes with a rain fly, with all taped seams, so you can use it in any weather conditions. You can see it in the picture below. The rain fly clips to the poles very easily and securely.

What makes the tent free-standing is:

  • the system of two aluminum poles which make an X-shape structure, and,
  • the fact that the poles can be attached to the grommets which you have in every angle. You can see this in the image above.

The tent is very easy to set up, nicely constructed, and it is very easy to attach the mesh to the poles, you have clips provided for this purpose.  This free-standing structure allows you to move the tent locally around to get a better place, and you do not have to take it down.

It has one mesh door with a U-shaped long zipper. The door rolls up as you can see fr0m the image above.

Versatility of the tool is seen from the fact that it can easily be set up on a camping cot. In such a setup you will sleep off the ground, without the usual dampness which you have in the tents on the ground.

In this configuration, this is a great camping tool to be used in places with a car access. So you can imagine, after using it as a pleasant tent-cot in the main camping place, you can separate it from the cot and use as an ordinary tent if you go for some overnight tour. Just put it into your backpack and go.

The size of the tent is very good, W x L x H is 28 x 84 x 40 in (71 x 213 x 102 cm). In fact, it may be too large to fit on some cots.


  • Weight: 5 lb (2.27 kg).
  • Size (L x W x H): 84 x 28 x 40 in (213 x 71 x 102 cm).
  • Folded size (L x W x H): 14 x 6 x 6 in (36 x 15 x 15 cm).
  • Ship weight: 6 lb.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Fitted rain fly included.
  • Heavy-duty 190T Denier nylon base and rain fly.
  • No-See-Um mesh.
  • Taped seams.
  • Aluminum tent poles.
  • Easy to use corrosion-resistant zippers.
  • Quality clips, hooks, and buckles.
  • Complete protection from bags.

Price, pros & cons

The daily updated Amazon-US price is given in the link below. Clearly, this is a very affordable product, and you can have it shipped for free if you are using Amazon Prime benefits.

There are tens of reviews by Amazon customers, and the average rating is very high. Note also this is an Amazon’s Choice product, and this implies that they recommend it as highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately. See what I find good and less good here:

  • Very easy to setup.
  • Amazing price.
  • Complete protection of elements.
  • Freestanding.
  • Versatile.
  • Not very light.

How about a cot?

As mentioned above, this is a ‘system’ if it is used with a camping cot. One great option is a cot from the same brand, Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot. With dimensions 84 x 33 inches, it fits the tent perfectly.

Yet another option that comes to mind is this TETON Sports Universal Camp Cot. Its size fit nicely the size of the Kamp-Rite IPS tent.


To conclude this Kamp Rite Insect Protection System review, this is a nice outdoor tent with the price which is hard to match. It is versatile as it allows also for sleeping off-the-ground when used in combination with a cot. Cots may be at very different prices, yet even with the price of the cot given above this is still a very reasonable total price for what you have here.

The tent alone is not in the category of very lightweight solo tents, but in view of its price, this is a great option for short overnight or weekend hiking and mountaineering tours.

Take a closer look.

Thank you for reading. It will be great to hear from you so please use the comment box below. Do share this text if you find it useful. Have a nice day.

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6 thoughts on “What is Kamp Rite Insect Protection System”

  1. Alec Terry says:

    Wow that thing is really cool. I have never heard of the Kamp Rite system before but I really love camping and this would be an excellent thing for me to use because I do like to sleep on a cot.

    This would be more space saving because I typically just set my cot up in a conventional tent but this is an excellent alternative

    Great review!

    1. Thank you Alec, yes indeed this is an excellent system, it can be used as an ordinary tent on the ground and on the cot.

  2. Hi, Jovo

    I like that this tent is free-standing without being anchored. When I have been on a trip using a tent I always thought that it was a lot of work to anchor the tent. I also like that I don’t have to sleep on the ground because I just don’t like that. The price is also very good. The only thing that is not good is the weight of the tent. Too heavy for me but it’s my fiance that carries the backpack and the tent when we are out in nature. So I don’t have to worry about that lol.
    Thanks for sharing me this information.


    1. Hi ToveL, note that this particular tent (if used with the cot) is not to be carried around, this is a camping tool. But the tent alone can indeed be carried and used as a ground tent.

  3. By the name of the product, I was expecting some sort of insect repellent or something. So yeah, the name is a bit misleading. But I have to say I really love this tent. It is perfect for a single person to camp out. There would be no need to worry about bugs. I really like this kamp rite insect protection system.

    1. Hi Wendy, you are right about the name of the product but this is how they have decided to call it. Otherwise it is indeed a great tool and Kamp Rite is well know for their products of this type. Many thanks.

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